I get enough questions about the current state of ASHRAE 223P https://www.ashrae.org/about/news/2018/ashrae-s-bacnet-committee-project-haystack-and-brick-schema-collaborating-to-provide-unified-data-semantic-modeling-solution that it was worth putting together a quick post collecting some of the slide decks, papers, and online resources that have emerged.


The current best resource for learning about 223P is the Open223 project. Open223 “is a collection of permissively-licensed open-source tools to facilitate exploration and usage of the emerging ASHRAE 223P standard. These tools are neither developed nor endorsed by ASHRAE – instead, they are maintained by a small community of enthusiasts and developers who believe in making RDF data easier to use.”

The Open223 suite of tools includes:

Current development on Brick/Haystack harmonization can be found in this repository


Here is a slightly-outdated paper about 223P + Brick ( + RealEstateCore) + Project Haystack together. The high-level vision remains the same.

Slide Decks