Gabe Fierro

I will be starting as an assistant professor of Computer Science at Colorado School of Mines this Fall (2021), with a joint appointment at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. I work at the intersection of databases, systems, data modeling, data science and the built environment. My research interests are broadly in designing, building and deploying systems that enable sustainable practices by making data easier to discover, manage and leverage.

I am looking for PhD, Masters and undergraduate students who are interested in research. If you are a current student at Mines, feel free to send me an email with your current resume or CV. If you are an aspiring student, please apply to the Mines graduate program.

Projects and Grants


Quick Bio

I received my PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 2021, advised by Dr. David E. Culler. I was part of the Buildings, Energy and Transportation Systems project and the RISE lab. My dissertation title was Self-Adapting Software for Cyberphysical Systems.