BuildingMOTIF Workflow

BuildingMOTIF is an open-source SDK for (1) verifying the compliance and validity of RDF models using ontologies like Brick, RealEstateCore, and ASHRAE 223; and (2) automating the creation of RDF models through incorporating application requirements into the authoring process.

Papers: BuildSys 2022


Brick Model

Brick is an open-source ontology which describes, defines and contextualizes data sources in and around buildings. Brick standardizes semantic description of physical, virtual and logical entities and assets and the relationships between them. Brick facilitates the implementation of self-adapting data-driven software — software which can configure itself to operate in a particular setting — by enabling that software to query its environment and discover relevant data sources.

Papers: BuildSys 2016 | Applied Energy 2018 | BuildSys 2019 | Frontiers 2020


Mortar Platform

Mortar is an open platform for developing robust, reproducible building analytics against an open testbed of over 100 real buildings, each described with a Brick model. Mortar implements a declarative API enabling self-adapting analytics which can be written once and deployed over 10s or 100s of sites without changing a line of code or configuration. Mortar supports a library of open analytics implementations which demonstrate how Brick metadata can be used to author building analytics.

Papers: BuildSys 2018 | TOSN 2020

RDF and Semantic Web Tooling

I maintain a variety of semantic web tooling that strives to make ontology development and management easier, faster and more intuitive. These tools include:

eXtensible Building Operating System

XBOS Platform

XBOS (eXtensible Building Operating System) is an open-source large-scale distributed operating system for smart buildings. XBOS provides secure real-time monitoring and control capabilities over diverse hardware (including BMS, smart meters, EV chargers and IoT devices). XBOS utilizes Brick to enable the development of portable control applications

Papers: Tech Report 2015 | TOSN 2018 | USENIX Security 2019 | SmartGridComm 2020