This whole document is in-progress – be sure to check back!

Brick Research Reading List

So you want to do research on or with Brick – great! One common question I get or find myself answering is “what background do I need to get myself up to speed with using Brick at a level where I can do research?” This post attempts to answer that question.

For high-level background, please read through Chapter 2 of my PhD thesis – this is a decent overview of the information detailed below.

Vision Papers

These are some high-level vision papers that can provide additional background and context into this work:

I would recommend reading through the W3C’s “Primer” documents on the core linked-data technologies. These are a little more technical than I would like for someone’s introduction to the subject, but they are excellent references.

The best way to approach these is to read the first couple sections in full, and reserve the latter parts for future reference.

Shapes Constraint Language Resources

As SHACL becomes a more integral part of semantic metadata solutions for Buildings, it will become increasingly important to develop expertise in this language. Here are some additional resources for getting up-to-date on SHACL:

Buildings Background

I am still struggling to find a good resource for bootstrapping an understanding of building subsystems. Some resources to check out:

Ontology Design and Implementation

These are papers about Brick, extensions to Brick, or related ontologies:

Brick Applications

These are papers about applying Brick to data-driven analytics, and other applications

Constructing Semantic Metadata Models

Data Systems and Programming